A sweet pig started to paint and became a well known artist

Pig’s paintings were sold for a big price 

A woman named Inga and a newborn pig escaped from ranch and went to a refuge for farm animals. And the pig one day found an old brush among other toys.

And Inga came and took the brush. She also named the animal Piggy. And Inga considered, that the pig chose a brush for a peculiar purpose.

Piggy was happy for his new role. Now the pig had already finished almost 403 works, most of which had already been sold.

For example, the last sale of Freedom by Piggy brought in 21000 pounds. The picture was bought by a German called Hike after just a few hours it was put up for sale. Followers have been talking a lot about Piggy’s most recent painting.

“His art is not a beautiful painting. This painting will make people appreciate the pig’s smartness, individuality and creativity.” told Inga.

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