A sweet dog, that was found after being leftover on the bus

All the people should be responsible for the animals they adopt

Many people don’t understand what it means to be responsible.

And such people were the owner of the puppy, who was leftover on the bus. At first they considered to take it from the shelter and changed their mind on the way and left the dog on the bus.

He had been missing all day and the shelter staff was searching for him. He went out from one bus, but entered into the second one and continued his travel.

Volunteers and other people were looking for him the whole day, but they managed to find him only in the end of the day and took him to the same shelter.

Now the puppy is still in the shelter and the staff is searching for a new loving family, who would be responsible for him.

The puppy is loving, sweet and sociable and also adores playing with kids. We hope, that this sweet little puppy will find a new home with a loving and responsible owners.

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