A sweet cat, who chose an owner by herself and followed her everywhere

Adorable stray cat, who received a loving home with a caring owner

A woman named Lara took her dog on a morning walk. And when she returned to her house she saw a white and grey cat perched on the balcony. The cat began to meow approaching Lara’s feet. The cat went after Lara as she entered the house.

The owner told, that she didn’t know whose cat she was and the cat started to drizzle and get cold. So the woman considered to adopt her. The woman must get ready for her work, but she was also unable to leave the cat in that condition.

So she took her inside the house and established a little place for her. Lara immediately gave the poor animal cat food and named her Bines. She knew a little about looking after elderly animals.

Lara previously had a cat, which was adopted from the shelter. And Lara wrote on the city’s Facebook page after work and received many messages

The owner wanted to find someone, who could assist her with the cat’s rehabilitation at that point. And after all the volunteer society agreed to help the cat with its medical needs.

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