A man decided to quit his job and devote the majority of his time to caring for homeless dogs

A kind man with a big heart, that cared for homeless dogs

A comfortable place for many homeless dogs. A chef, who worked in a restaurant and founded the refuge. He started feeding a homeless dog daily when she approached him one evening.

Mike immediately understood, that there are many homeless dogs on the streets that need help. The chef started feeding some homeless dogs and over time he understood he was already looking after one hundred dogs.

The man then considered to quit his job and devote all his time to caring for homeless dogs. And in 2018 he opened a shelter and almost in four years he assisted thousand animals.

He often took them to the nearby vets. But in 2020 he considered to built his own vet clinic on the shelter’s grounds.

The shelter is one of the largest in Thailand and almost 700 dogs live there and many people work there every day. This shelter approximately needs 1460$ per day in maintenance.

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