A lucky puppy, who was fortunate to be saved from the ring

A touching story about a puppy, that was saved and given a new life

The dog fighting is prohibited in many countries of the world, but there are still some countries who allow it as legal, but the fact, that it makes dogs’ life awful still exists.

Some people are just heartless, allowing the poor dogs to rip one another until one of them gives in.

And happily this poor puppy was one of hundreds, that avoided being punished in the ring. He is one of the younger puppies, that were rescued and became the symbol of mistreated animals. And the time it took for the puppy to get assistance was short.

A woman placed him in foster care. Unfortunately they couldn’t live together, as the puppy and her baby weren’t allowed to live in the same house.

But it wasn’t over: a couple also came to help. The couple considered to adopt the puppy without a delay, but there were two conditions, that needed to be done.

The small puppy must be friendly with babies, as they were expecting twins. And also the couple wanted to make sure the puppy and his family were doing great.

The puppy got a new home and a new family. The dog appeared to be friendly with all the babies he met. The couple became his forever human friends.

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