A leftover elephant, who never seems to forget the kindness shown to her

A very grateful elephant, who brought her young to meet her rescuer

A lonely elephant was discovered almost 20 years ago in Africa. She was still a newborn and was without her mother. Animal rights activists helped her escape from the wildlife park.

There she met Adam, the chief caretaker of the reserve, who was the reserve’s owner and the mother of such elephants.

The executive director of the reserve named Robert told: “He arranges the daily care and happy life of the elephants, making sure they are happy and healthy.”

In 2009 Sulli has become independent and the guardians allowed her to leave the reserve and live in the wild. She remembered Adam, the person who rescued her and took care of her despite her independence.

Robert told, that Sulli has been already living in the wild for almost ten years and he appears nor to forget the generosity shown go her. This was clearly seen, when Sulli brought her young out of the woods to meet Adam.

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