A kind nurse adopted her patient’s sweet dog, that was left alone

The best decision made by the caring nurse for her patient’s dog

The woman works as a nurse in the hospital in Georgia. And an old woman with very bad health condition was one of her patients and also they were very close.

And when the woman’s health state deteriorated she was worried about her beloved Chihuahua’s fate. She didn’t have any relatives or friends and her only friend was her dog.

Kimberley was told to take the dog to the shelter when the owner passes away. But she wasn’t sure the puppy would then find another home. She considered to adopt the puppy on her own.

Kimberley considered to take the dog from the animal shelter and provide her with the best life. And she thought, that giving such an assistance to her patient was the best decision.

This is much more important, than looking after her health. She told, that she doesn’t even consider about locating a new home for the dog. She told, that she immediately fell in love with the dog.

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