A funny lizard, who likes his plastic toy, which resembles him

An awesome lizard, who grins every time he is with his beloved toy

The sweet lizard became popular on the Internet for his sweet grin. When we say sweet and cuddly animals, our thoughts often goes to fuzzy animals than reptiles. But everything will be different when you learn about Sayonara.

He received a household name for his sweet grin. Even now he is satisfied. But when he is with a special person he just smiles. Sayonora adores his little gecko.

It’s a sweet small plastic toy, which resembles him. So maybe he is satisfied with how he looks. And after Sayonora’s owner shared his and his small toy’s photos on Instagram they immediately became well known.

All the people tried to learn where they could buy plastic toys for their reptiles. But buying it won’t be a simple task. His owner discovered the small toy in a machine in Korea.

If the lizard had Chimera, he is thought to be the perfect friend. This is due to the fact, that geckos often suffer in shared habitats.


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