A disappointed dog, who had an external and internal transformation

An important change in dog’s life, that regained her happiness 

This dog wasn’t able to stand up by herself. She could just lie down and wait, because she wasn’t waiting for anything good. But the volunteers to discovered her didn’t hesitate to rescue the puppy.

She was named Lily and they immediately took the puppy to the vet clinic for treatment. Vets considered, that she had a lot of problems with her joints. They thought a treatment plan with x-rays and many tests.

She just needed medical help, medicine and a healthy diet. But most importantly she just needed to carry on enjoying life and be loved and cared. The right care and attention became successful.

The medical staff did every possible thing to help her recover as soon as possible. And at that time, Lily regained faith in both other people and herself. She had an external and internal transformation.

After each day she was becoming a better version of herself. And soon Lily will be able to find a caring home.

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