A «cat woman», who has a soft spot in her heart for our fluffy friends

She moved to a trailer to give the cats more free space

The woman moved out from one of her bedrooms to provide the kittens with a more free space. This is Lea, a well known «cat woman», who has a special place in her heart for our sweet fluffy friends.

She dedicated the most of her life to helping animals and saving as many as she could, but also she understands very well, that many animals still had to stay on the streets.

So she considered to let many homeless cats into her big 4300 square foot home. And now she has almost thousand cats living with her. There are cats in every corner of her house.

Lea also moved out from one of her bedrooms to provide the cat with more free space and its really good that her house is rather large. Although her house has five bedrooms she still prefers to stay in a small trailer in her yard.

She now lives close to nature and with many cats. Almost 30 years ago Lea opened the largest free cat sanctuary in California. The shelter has helped many homeless cats throughout these years.

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