A caring dog, who cleans our planet more than many humans

The sweet dog is a true motivation for all the people to clean the environment 

A dog named Chimney travels with his owner named Kate Pollak in Arizona. They collect plastic. Chimney has lived with Kate’s family since 2011. Then Kate took him from the shelter and they started collecting old plastic bottles.

Kate told, that he picked them up with his teeth and brought to her. And the girl often praised Chimney for his hard work to lift his curiosity.

The sweet dog also convinced his owner to clean the environment. With all of these activities they try to clean the world. And when Kate publishes all their work on the Internet, Chimney became a real popularity.

Many people found motivation in him. People couldn’t assist, but they always see him as he often does cleanups. Chimney is here! This phrase is often heard. Kate told, that all the people want to welcome him and see his work.

The dog cleans up the environment by holding things in his mouth. Kate told, that he always motivates her and convinces to do everything she could to help the world.

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