When the owner brought home stray kittens, his dog showed a touching reaction

What an exciting reaction!

No one can understand the feelings of stray animals as much as those who have such a difficult life.
This adorable doggy who was once stray and abandoned, welcomed her “new babies” with happiness, which touched not only her owner but also the whole world.

Although they were not her own babies, she became a caring mother for them and gave them maternal love and care.
The owner was so excited to see how kind and affectionate his dog was.

These adorable kittens were stray and when the owner noticed their picture on social media, he hurried to save them and brought them home. Although he was afraid of his dog’s reaction, the cutie behaved herself like a real mother and accepted her new babies with great pleasure.

The dog began to take care about them all day providing with everything they needed.
The kittens became healthy and strong and began to feel great in their new family.

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