When the cat got fat, his owner put a message on the wall to avoid wrong opinions

What a funny story!

Here is an amusing story about a cat, who spends all day in a vet office. He is very fat and sometimes people get confused when they first meet him.

His owner is a doctor, and when she adopted him, he weighed 29 pounds. Many people thought that he is pregnant, but in fact he is just fat.

His human mommy discovered that he is so friendly and loving and warmly welcomes the family’s guests.

He spends most of his time in the office and has a favourite corner where he loves to sit. He gains everyone’s attention with his unusual figure.
His owner decided to pick a note on the wall to avoid wrong opinions.

Now the cutie weighs 25 pounds due to the great efforts of his human. Despite being fat, the catty is in the excellent health condition. He loves to eat a lot and can hear any sound connected with food.

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