This fawn sneaks into the family’s backyard every day to cool off by swimming in their pool

The family doesn’t mind the occasional guest enjoying their pool.

Britney Benincasa returned home and found a wet fawn by her pool and thought the creature had unexpectedly fallen into the pool at her New Jersey home. But it turned out that the fawn was actually trying to overcome the heat.

Britney contacted animal control and followed the fawn but was astonished by what the little creature did.

“What I thought would be a fall into the pool was indeed a step into the pool,” Britney told “Then she just started walking back and forth to the planes, because she clearly liked the massage, it was very noticeable. And then she went down again and started circling around the pool because she was there. Like she was the owner of the territory.”

Animal control assisted get the fawn out of the yard but after a few days, the fawn returned to Britney’s pool, squeezing over the hedge and surprising the mother in Freehold, who recorded the fawn landing in the water.

Fortunately, the family pool is salt-based and not chlorine and for now, the family doesn’t mind the occasional guest enjoying their pool. They believe that the fawn will soon become too large to jump over the hedge.

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