This caring woman did a brave thing to save her beloved dog’s life. It’s heartbreaking!

That is true love for a pet!

Meet Zack, a 13-year-old dog who had some health problems, but the actual diagnosis was unknown due to lack of medical examination. It required a lot of money, which was so hard to earn for his loving owner.

His owner, Sheila, has never been in such dire straits, as she has supported shelter animals and poor owners with money for about 17 years. But when she changed her job, her condition worsened and she couldn’t earn as much money as before.

So she decided to make baked goods and sell them to stores to raise enough money for the dog’s medical check-up.

Although it’s so difficult for the woman to earn money for treatment, she did it because the dog’s role in her life is very big. For 12 years they share a strong bond and never leave each other’s side. The dog has supported her in many conditions, and now it’s her turn to help her beloved pet.

The woman sold her plasma to rescue the dog. The vets were shocked to know what the woman did for her canine friend.

Thanks to the woman’s efforts, Zack is now getting therapy. Sheila is a real hero!

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