The sweet cat and his owner seemed to have the same emotions

Adorable relationships of a cat and his foster owner

Jack Smith adopted a homeless kitten ten hears ago and named him Tinga. Jack’s daughter brought the cat home and decided to take care of him for a long time.

But a few months later she had to move and Tinga stayed with her father, who worked for a construction company at that time. The cat was happy to stay with the man, who became his official foster parent.

The man told: “I begin my day at 7 o’clock and my cat jumps into my laps at 6:30 p.m. purring loudly. Jack also continued: “Ut appears like he understands everything and feels the same emotions as me.”

When the man cones home at midday the cat welcomes him. And when he heats him meal to eat the cat expands his paws and holds him.

And the cat nods off being on Jack’s lap from time to time. Tinga goes after Jack everywhere he goes. Tinga was very lucky to be discovered by a man at the right time.

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