The pig tries to behave like a dog and has succeeded in creating a wonderful personality like them

What an adorable friendship!

We all know how friendly and loyal dogs are and they can create close relationships with people. But they can be faithful friends not only for humans, but also for other animals, such as for pigs.

Chowo, a domestic pig, created a strong bond with a group of dogs, and thinks he is one of them.

These five adorable dogs live in Southern California and are strongly devoted to their loving owner named Sherry. They are excellent pets and good friends for her. Chowo is no exception and he became the family’s inseparable part and is so cute and affectionate.

The woman made an Instagram account for her pets and always shares their adorable photos with their followers. She wants to show that there can be a real friendship between different species.

All her pets are safe and protected, and they enjoy their lives in a loving and caring family.

They can’t live separately and never leave each other’s side. If one is absent, others feel sad. They love to do everything together and it’s so pleasant for their owner to see that her pets are great friends.

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