The owner tried to take beautiful photos of her dog in the leaves, but something amusing happened

Such a funny autumn photoshoot!

There are beautiful people, who are not photogenic and in the photos they look not so good. Animals are not an exception.

Watch these amusing photos and you’ll understand everything.

Meet Max, a nice pit bull, whose photos are quite famous on social media due to his crazy positions.

One pleasant autumn day, Max and his loving owner named Amanda Tess went to a walk in the park. Amanda decided to take some beautiful pictures of her pet in the leaves, but something funny happened.

The girl’s boyfriend is a photographer and when he wants to take beautiful autumn photos, he just throws leaves at the people. Amanda tried to do the same with her dog, but her expectations were not fulfilled.

Although she couldn’t get what she wanted, instead those photos went viral and became many people’s favourite. The dog’s autumn photoshoot is really amusing and you can’t watch them without smiling.

Every time Amanda looks at the photos, she laughs and is sure that this version is funnier than she intended.

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