The new member of the family, who made all of them happy

The cat discovered from an attic filled the house with affection

Jane thought the voices she heard in the attic were from a rat or a racoon, bur she was not true. The noises came from absolutely another animal.

“My husband woke me up in the morning when I heard a meow at night saying “You won’t trust, but we have a kitten in the attic.” told Jane. And after that the woman discovered a cat, whom she named Atticas. She took the cat to the vet to know he was healthy and to understand if he had an owner.

And when the cat was considered to be in good health, she considered to take it home. Atticas lived in the restroom for almost two months. But June was able to acquire the cat’s confide with the help of food and love, and he immediately became a sweet and curious cat.

After his family discovered him in an attic, Atticas has become a house cat and his family is overjoyed with it.

“When we took the cat all the family felt a lot of affection and energy. And both of my children like to play with him.” told Jane.

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