The long-lasting companionship of a lion, tiger, and bear after their salvation

They looked after each other, cuddled as well as played together.

Lions, tigers, and bears are undoubtedly not meant to live as a group. But not all animals survived the trauma of bonding with three absolutely hostile male carnivores.

In 2001, police made a raid on the home of a drug seller in Atlanta, Georgia. In the cellar, they witnessed an upsetting scene. There sat three scared as well as undernourished puppies that certainly shouldn’t be in anyone’s home.

An African lion named Leo was placed into a tiny box with an open injury on his face. A Bengal tiger named Shere Khan was skinny, and Baloo, a black bear, was wearing a harness so tiny that it got plunged into his body.

But their poor state is finally finished. The Georgia Section of Natural Resources carried them to Noah’s Ark Animal Haven, a non-profit animal salvation company located in Locust Grove. There they will live the rest of their days on a wonderful 250-plot territory. They have already witnessed a lot in their short lives to ever be set free into the wild.

“When they were premier time taken to the refuge, the trio was damaged, frightened and clung to each other for consolation,” guardian Alison Hedgecote told HuffPost. And when it became cozier for them, they looked after each other, cuddled as well as played together. Seemingly, they were a related trio.

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