The homeless puppies were discovered behind the garages and made the woman happy

A kind woman, who is always ready to help animals in need

Nikita is one of those kind persons, who wouldn’t leave the helpless animals in need and in awful situations.

All of the neighbours knew her love for animals and she frequently found, that different animals were abandoned in her garage and she understood she would probably help them.

The neighbours also told, that they left three very small puppies behind the garages. And three of the puppies immediately linked to the woman as soon as they saw her understanding, that she was their last chance.

All the dogs turned out to he female. The woman organized special beds for the puppies in her kitchen, where they ate, warmed up and slept.

All dogs were happy, active and sociable, but they couldn’t find their owners. They stayed with Nikita for many months and became energetic, gorgeous and friendly animals.

They ate very appetising and made the woman happy.

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