The dog’s intelligence and kindness saved the life of the helpless dolphin. So touching!

He is a real saviour!

Meet Laia, a smart and friendly dog, who became famous when the story of his heroic action was shared on social media. The clever animal spotted a dolphin on the beach, while he was walking with his owner and immediately informed his human about the poor mammal.

Everything happened on the beach in Crlxlet, Wales, when Tom was walking with his beloved dog and suddenly his pet started to bark strongly. When the man spotted the dolphin, he thought it was a shark and began to take pictures of it.

At first he didn’t understand that it was in need, but after seeing his dog’s reaction, he approached to the dolphin and realised that the poor creature’s life was in danger.

They hurried to help it and thanks to their great efforts, the cute dolphin returned to its habitat.

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