The cuddly cat demands a lot of attention from the delivery men and welcomes them with pleasure  

What a warm greeting! 

Here’s the cutest cat ever, who enjoys being in the centre of everyone’s attention and loves to get lots of cuddles and pettings from the delivery men who come to his house. When they deliver something to his human parents, he welcomes them with happiness.

During the pandemic, they started working from home, so they ordered a lot of things, and there were frequent visits from delivery men. Their lovely pet greeted them with pleasure and went outside first to get cuddles from them. He loves to be in the centre of their attention and makes everyone fall in love with him.

His human parents follow him on camera to be sure that everything is ok with him. They are so glad to see their amazing pet is very friendly and affectionate.

Now the beauty is quite famous and many people visit them just to socialise with the catty. He brings joy and happiness to his family and continues to stay everyone’s favourite.

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