The children wanted to have beautiful Christmas photos, but their crazy dog had other plans

Such amazing Christmas photos!

We all have a friend who always interrupts us to have a nice photo. It happens both by mistake and on purpose. But they are not always people, sometimes animals can appear in this role.

Meet Pilot, a crazy dog, who was adopted by a family in 2020 and since then he is their lovely member.

Once, on Christmas the family’s mother named Dina decided to take a beautiful Christmas photo of her children, but their lovely doggy had other plans. He also wanted to be seen in the photos without expecting that they would become so ridiculous.

Although the family tried to take Pilot away, he was so stubborn and didn’t like the idea his humans wanted to be photographed without him.

As a result the family had very interesting photos with their crazy dog, which later went viral and attracted the whole world. Thanks to these adorable photos, Pilot became quite famous on social media.

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