The catty is an internet sensation thanks to a note his owners put in the fridge. That’s interesting!

What a funny habit!

Meet Piggy, an amazing catty, who was saved by his actual owners, who loved him at first sight and immediately took him home.

After some time, his owners found something strange in his behaviour: each time they opened the refrigerator, they found the cat’s paw there. Of course, it’s so funny, but at the same time, it could be dangerous for him. A little inattention, and his paw would be hurt.

So the owners decided to warn everyone with the help of a note, which they put in the fridge.

It’s a little reminder to keep the cat from getting hurt.

When the photo was shared on social media, it attracted thousands of people from all over the world.

Fortunately, all the members are very attentive and the catty is still harmless.

Piggy is very active and energetic and he can appear in the places where he must not be. He loves to take food secretly: it is his favourite occupation.

But he doesn’t look like other cats, because he never shows his love towards his owners.

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