The cat always makes her owners turn on her favourite programs on television

Such a demanding cat!

Meet Elia, a cute cat, who was adopted from a shelter by a caring family, when she was 10 years old. The beauty is very demanding and never hesitates to make her owners do whatever she wants.

Most of all, the catty loves to watch TV, especially her favourite programs. During the first days of her arrival, her human parents enjoyed watching The Grinch, and Elia was interested in it, too.

Now she has her own favourite talk shows and TV programs, which she loves to watch every day.

Each day Elia impatiently waits for her human mother to wake up and turn on the TV. Even when the cat gets up early, she waits for hours in front of the TV-set until her mother comes and does whatever she wants.

Her parents watch her favourite movies or cartoons with great pleasure and sometimes they prepare some snacks, have a rest on the sofa and together enjoy their lovely program.

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