So rare no one will ever see it again. The photographer captures something quite uncommon

An incredible companionship of various types of carnivores.

Wolves are known to live in groups, while bears are considered lonely animals.

So, when wildlife photographer Lassi Rauttianen became aware of this amazing companionship in the wild, she knew she had discovered something really exceptional and magical. A lone female wolf living close to a massive male bear. A really exceptional occurrence.

Lassie says: “I think they were both on their own, they were young and didn’t know a bit how to outlive on their own. I think they feel secure together.“

As unlikely as the companionship turns out to be, it truly is a wonderful as well as an infrequent event that no one imagined seeing.

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Lassie followed the pair of animals for ten days. She spotted that a young bear and a wolf frequently encountered.

They were not only spending time together.

But they shared their food as well.

This behavior is quite uncommon for various types of carnivores.

But this couple neglected the laws of nature.

Another bear even accepted a wolf into his group.

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