Kitties and puppies are considered to be rivals, they don’t always fight

Adorable friendship between two different pets residing in the same house 

It’s very amazing, that information about animals is so popular on the Internet. People are laughing and sharing this video on the Internet.

At first sight it seemed performed, but it’s real. The kitty appears to know, that flapping a sleeping puppy’s bed will make him sleep better.

Although kitties and puppies are called rivals, they don’t always fight. What we see in real life is absolutely different. The puppy appears be calmly sleeping.

Although it seems naturally polite, the kitty was ready to assist the puppy. Internet followers are writing comments on the video and tagging others to share the small, but funny video.

The kitty and the puppy are fortunate enough to have a caring owner. Happily animals don’t pay attention to appearance and species.

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