Gifted animal artists, who established a charity for animals in need

Charity auctions organised for assisting animals in need

There are many gifted artists in the world. And there are also dogs, who can use brushes and paints, designing their own pieces of art.

The workers of Tripaws knew dog artists. They give financial support, knowledge and other things to those, who look after animals in need.

Dogs also help to this purpose by disposing

their paintings at charity auctions, which gains sponsors. We began disposing works of Kaisern and it was a really big luck in collecting money for the Tripaws Foundation.

The owner of the gifted dog named Nata Bagley told: “Unfortunately Kaisern passed away in 2021, so I considered to carry on this project in her memory.” This was something special and amazing.

Now Nata Bagley organises the Tripaws charity auctions regularly. And this year there will be 21 works of animal art shown. And all of the money received from their sale will be collected by the Kaisern, which disposes animal care packages.

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