Everything seemed so bad for the newborn duckling until he met a kindhearted woman, who changed his life

Such a lucky duckling!

When Bae’s mother abandoned him just after his birth, the poor duckling’s life became difficult. But he was lucky enough to meet Erwin, a caring woman, who became a loving mother for him.

The woman hurried to take the beauty home and decided to look after him. So Bae got everything he needed and was provided with a comfortable place, much food and all the conveniences he needed.

Now the duckling feels great next to his caring human. He enjoys to put his head on the woman’s neck. He is quite healthy and strong.

Bae turned to be so loving and funny, and also he loves to socialise with almost everyone. He has two best friends, who live in the same neighbourhood.

Erwin is sure that they will continue their friendship until the end of their lives.

These two friends share a strong bond and enjoy the best moments of their lives together. Everyone is attracted by their loyal friendship.

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