Dogs, who wanted to participate in the party and have fun

A pool party was attended by two dogs

A group of friends saw two dogs wandering on the side of the yard while having a pool party. Some of them let the dogs inside as they seemed to want to have fun and one of them had a name.

One of the dogs was really unwilling to enter the yard, while the other one wanted to have fun. They began approaching people and got pets as they wanted to have fun.

“The second dog was a little unwilling to come to us and stayed in the yard, but approached us when she saw her friend on the balcony.”

The golden retriever that was discovered named Stolker was absolutely having fun.

In the middle of the party Stolker’s owner found him and told, that the other dog belonged to his neighbour and they were best friends.

The kind hosts told, that the dogs are welcome to return whenever they would like after spending a couple of hours at the party.

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