Cute shelter dogs, who had the sweetest and most beautiful wedding ever

The best wedding ceremony happened in the shelter

A Chihuahua named Walnut and his friend named Seed from San Antonio had the best and most beautiful wedding in Texas. Both of them were taken to the shelter, as their owners refused to take care of them.

The sweet couple met each other in the shelter’s medical wing after their dental treatment and they immediately befriended.

In order to attract new owners the shelter staff considered to organise a sweet wedding ceremony after their saw the couple’s sweet relationships.

Beautiful clothing were brought for the wedding and a small chapel was constructed with da red carpet. “Our best friends and also volunteers were invited to Walnut and Seed’s beautiful wedding ceremony.”

“There was a cake, music, walk on a red carpet and soap bubbles.” told Maria Almanza.

These dogs are now ready for adoption alone, but the staff considers, that new owners would agree to take them both.

Have you ever heard about such a sweet wedding? What a sweet couple!

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