An elderly cat was surprisingly successful in finding a new home

A kind man decided to give the elderly cat a chance enjoy his life

The owner of the cat named Tuxo decided to take him to the shelter when he turned 18, because he considered the cat was no longer amusing and interesting.

The shelter staff knew it would be hard for an elderly cat find a new home.

But the shelter shared a post on the Internet about Tuxo. And they were amazed by the cat’s success in finding a new home. It turned out to be the man, who tried to adopt his older cat.

He considered to give a cozy old age life to Tuxo after seeing his photos online. The cat adored sitting on his new owner’s laps and was active and friendly. He was very affectionate and social. And just recently Tuxo turned 20.

He is encircled with love and attention, is in good health for his age and may have a few more years to live. And it’s all thanks to the man, who decided to give him such a happiness.

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