Amazing transformation of a husky, who lived on the street for a long time

Sweet blue eyed baby was rescued from awful conditions

There are many poor dogs living in awful conditions in Bali. There are shelters, which are financed by individuals, but there aren’t many of them to solve the problem.

One day a guy found a poor dog lying lifeless on the side of the road and at first he thought the animal had passed away. She was in awful condition, unable to use her paws and just her amazing and beautiful eyes asked for assistance.

The man took the dog with him home, because he understood he couldn’t leave her in that condition. The young man immediately started taking care of her and gave her the nickname Hope.

He gave her healthy food, vitamins and a lot of attention. Thanks to his young age the dog was able to regain her energy and began to change both externally and internally.

The changes were at first indistinguishable, but when her weight started to normalise, the new coat thickened and sparkled, it began to show itself as a sweet blue eyed husky.

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