After being rejected by her owners, this adorable pit bull found what she deserves

That’s real luck!

Once a stray dog was found by a passer-by in a park. Seeing that the animal’s condition was serious, the man connected with the local police station.

One of the officers named Jeffrey Riley came at once and when he saw the pit bull, immediately fell in love with her. The man took her home.

When the officer’s wife saw the dog, she loved her at first sight and they decided to adopt her and give her what she dreamed of. The first thing was taking the dog to the vet to be sure that she was healthy.

Later it turned out that she was abandoned by her previous owners in the park. So she needed human love and care and her new owners did their best to make her happy again.

The pit bull befriended with the family’s other pets and after some time she learnt all the habits and rules.

Now she enjoys her life with her loving owners and always makes them happy. She is completely devoted to them and when they are at home, she doesn’t leave their side even for a second.

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