After a year of searching for the lost dog, the owner was discouraged, but the New Year brought miracles

What a Christmas miracle!

When Alisa, the family’s beloved pet got lost, the owners tried to find her for a year, but useless. Then they began to search for another dog to adopt and while they were watching the photos of shelter animals on social media, suddenly a dog captured their attention. It strongly looked like Alisa.

The man named John immediately connected with the shelter staff and asked them to organise a meeting with the dog. He was sure it was his lovely Alisa.

Their meeting was very touching. The dog recognised her beloved human at once and there’s no doubt they would return home together. The family members were waiting for their lovely dog impatiently and all of them were so happy to meet her again.

John still doesn’t believe in this miracle. His dream came true on New Year’s Eve. That’s wonderful!

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