A very lucky dog, who was happy for being rescued from the road

The dog, that can’t stop smiling

Dogs are one of the most beloved animals, although not all their breeds are popular. But pit bulls are at the top of the list. When a puppy was discovered wondering the streets of Brooklyn he was 11 months old.

But one situation changed his life for the better. He met Danny, a man who rescued him. He was a street dog when Danny met him.

Danny considered to take him. He had no idea about the dog’s owners. And for a month he tried to find the dog’s owners.

He asked his neighbours, put up flyers, but without any success. So Danny considered, that Blinks would live with him forever.

Although all of this happened 12 hears ago, Blinks still lives with his loving and caring owner and is always smiling.

The most amazing thing according to Danny is Blinks’ smile. Blinks smiles every time he is happy or joyful.

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