A sweet rescue cat, who helps other cats who visit the vet clinic

Taking care of our friends is very vital, as they will do the same for us

The sweet cat of this story is named SnuSnu. The sweet cat now helps other cats, who visit the vet clinic to recover. Dr Rachel told: “Amazingly, Snusnu maintained feeling in his tail and hind legs, when ai did some preparation.”

“Although she wasn’t able to move or use them, she still had a chance to walk and use the restroom once more.” Although the cat’s recovery would be challenging and lengthy, the vet has high expectations for him.

Any positive news for the feline patient at the vet was good news for the staff. And after a few weeks Snusnu was able to recover.

Rachel told, that their concern wasn’t at all different.

Snusnu was inspired after having a new kitty friend. Looking after our friends is important, because they will do everything to support us and their feline friends. Isn’t it amazing?

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