A sweet cow helped her owner meet the love of his life

The kind cow was adopted by a man, who loved pets very much

When the cow named Quel first met Ron, she had just given birth three days ago. Ron felt, that she had to be in his life. Do you trust in a person, who tells that a cow is a reason they met their wife? Phillips, Ron and Quel saw one another after answering an ad looking for a newborn calf.

He went to a trip lasting three hours from his house to meet the cow. It had been three days after Quel gave birth. Quel also has a sibling, who is just like her, her twin. And a lawyer was employed to introduce Quel. Phillips was the perfect match for the job, as she adores animals.

Opposite to the three days Quel spent feeling sadness, other days and years thought Quel affection and admission.

And also Quel turned bigger and taller with every passing day. She was like a 1000 pound puppy.

Chickens, pigs and cows are farm animals, who are supported by the nonprofit group. These animals have a lot of place on the farm, especially when they’re as big as Quel.

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