A sweet cat with two toned face was compared to the Batman figurine

A sweetie, who mot only has a unique appearance, but also an unusual personality 

In most cases such kind of distinction has more positive effects on appearance and no negative on health. This two toned faced cat seems to also have two personalities. She has chimerism and is a mixture.

She is uniquely beautiful and also in some of her photos she sometimes seems heavenly. But in reality she is a cuddly kitty, who adores being caressed. She is absolutely amazing. She lives in Thailand with her owner, who named her “cat.”

She adores her cat’s appearance and also created an Instagram account for her kitty and shares many photos there. She’s even been compared to the Batman figurine.

She is a sweet kitty although having an unusual behaviour and appearance. Her beauty attracts all cat lovers. Isn’t she beautiful? She looks beautiful because of her condition. Do you like the sweetie’s appearance? Share your opinion.

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