A sweet cat changed her behaviour thanks to a caring dog

Adorable friendship, that helped the frightened cat change into a friendly one

Cats are often frightened and aggressive in the wild. And it is expected. It is because many of them had only seen maltreatment. The pregnant cat named Bardi was also like that, before meeting an animal rescue centre staff members and a canine friend named Nolod.

When the cat was taken to the shelter she roared every time the staff members tried to touch her. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her. So a canine employee of a rescue organisation came for help.

Her adorable and sweet behaviour assisted Bardi get self control, tolerance and sympathy for other people’s touches. And now the staff can easily touch and care for the cat and her kittens thanks to the canine friend.

Bardi changed a lot after she understood, that the staff members aren’t going to harm her or her babies and became a sweet, loving and friendly cat.

The cat family blossoms and the staff is now looking for adoptive homes for them. The cat was very lucky to meet the dog.

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