A really beautiful puppy with a heart shaped nose

A Dalmatian puppy with unusual marking on his face

Nature is really unique and creates amazing designs. And A sweet dog named Willey is different due to her heart shaped muzzle.

Although the puppy is still a year old, she has a lot of followers on Instagram. Her owner named Lily Smith told, that she is always active, loving, curious, passionate and very bold.

She told, that no photo can show her excitement fully.

Lily and Willey live in Colorado. Lily met Willey on Valentine’s day last year and immediately fell in love with her for her heart shaped muzzle.

There were 12 puppies in the litter and it was hard to choose the girl. The heart wasn’t clearly defined and also Dalmatians’ markings change with age.

Willey’s owner told, that being grown up the puppy has an amazing character, that she has never seen in any other dog. What an amazing and beautiful puppy. She also has the sweetest owner.

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