A loyal dog followed the little boy when he disappeared from his father’s view

One more example proving that dogs are our best friends 

The occasion happened recently in Michigan. The father went for a walk with his son and his dog. The guy appeared to be a little bewildered and after that his son and the dog disappeared from his view. Their home was very close to the forest.

The father started to look for his son powerless for almost two hours. He called the local police. The policemen started to look in the woods and wanted to prevent the worst.

The officers were bale to locate the dog’s footprints and they continued on their route. The boy has been found. The boy’s health was perfect. Dog followed him all the time.

According to the neighbourhood police officer the dog helped the boy. The child is in good health state. The story proves one more time, that dogs are our best friends and that they are trustful and helpful all the time.

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