A little cat, who needed a special care for his problem

It’s amazing, that there are still people, who eagerly helped animals in needs

A sweet cat named Hulu and also seven kittens were taken to the shelter. The cat turned to have some health problems. The staff tried hard to help the kitten, but they understood the big eyed cat needed special care.

Hulu had a problem from birth. The shelter decided the cat would feel better after being taken to a rescue organisation, that would meet her needs and give her a better life.

The kitten felt better and was immediately given medical treatment for a problem. Hulu looked like a newborn, although she was already six months old.

“We worked on her routine to know she is comfortable and got used to it. She eats a lot.” told Sharon.

The cat seemed to like following his health condition and takes pleasure from all of it. It’s amazing, that there are still people, who are happy to help such animals.

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