A little boy showed his readiness to go to huge lengths for his mother

The kind boy spread the value of helping and adopting animals

Everyone may do something to the effort of rescuing and assisting animals. And our younger family members may have bigger hearts and will do every possible thing to assist a small animal. And a son of a woman named Mina Sailor did such a thing.

He knew about all the expenses needed having a cat, so he decided to spend all his money on adopting a kitten.

The kind son has showed his readiness to go to huge lengths for his mother. “He bought her food and cared for her with his money.”

These two took the animal to the vet for an examination and he needed his mother’s help to count the money. And when her kid turned one Mina decided to organise a party.

And the boy asked for the theme of the party to be “the kitten.” So he spread the value of rescuing and adopting animals to each and every one present at his birthday party.

All his family is proud of him and want to be just like him.

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