A five month old baby, who adores his hairy friends and plays with them all the time

The baby’s and dogs’ photos became popular over the Internet

A five month old baby named Ollie was often captured with hairy canines, that seemed like a mixture between a poodle and a golden retriever. Baby’s mother Lily has an Instagram account with more than 600000 followers.

Lily also has two other golden doodles from the same litter. Her baby Ollie has an amazing connection with small dogs and adores to play with them.

Lily considered, that it was amazing to watch Ollie soon start to treat the dogs.

It has been amazing to follow Ollie becoming more aware of them over the past month, as she has really began to search for them and pet them.

He is a very joyful and confident baby and undoubtedly some traits of his behaviour were from his family, but his mother also thought that his behaviour was influenced by dogs.

“The main purpose of my son’s account was sharing his family’s everyday life, especially those with his beloved dogs.”

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