A feral rabbit finds a domestic rabbit and falls madly in love with her

Feral rabbits had a pairing season, so the sudden guest may have had some romantic thoughts.

This feral bunny has been given an uncommon look at the world of domestic rabbits and loves what she sees.

Youtuber bill16504 made up his mind to open his sliding door one warm spring day, leaving his bunny Pep in her favorite spot in front of the screen. Shortly they had a sudden guest in the form of a curious feral rabbit.

The feral rabbit seems to be totally obsessed with Pep.

And after a short clash, he made up his mind to approach.

Pep seems to be similarly obsessed with him, taunting him through the screen.

The feral rabbit has the desire to come in but he’s a bit puzzled by the entire screen door thing that stays strong even when he makes an attempt to creep through it.

The description of the clip points out that feral rabbits had a pairing season, so the sudden guest may have had some romantic thoughts (although domesticated rabbits cannot successfully breed with feral rabbits in the US because they are genetically too close to each other.) It is probable as well that curiosity overpowered his natural caution.

In any case, the feral rabbit was much bolder than the domestic one, which, in the face of all attention, rapidly hides in the cardboard box.

But her admirer does not despair.

Unluckily for these enthusiasts, the master decided not to open the screen. It’s a tragic love story for the ages, though hopefully, the feral rabbit has found a better prey for his adherence.

The clip is a good six minutes long about enhancing rabbit love-making. You can check the full clip below.

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