Vets informed the family that the dog would never become a good pet, but they didn’t listen  

What a wonderful transformation!

Meet Apollo, a cute dog, who was found in a terrible condition and was brought to Texas Animal Care Services in San Antonio. But the poor animal was so scared and confused and he didn’t want to socialise with anyone. It’s obvious that the animal had a rough life and suffered a lot, so he stopped trusting humans.

The staff shared his photo on social media and it went viral at once.

A family saw the post and hurried to the shelter to adopt him.

The workers informed the family that the dog was so frightened and had many health problems, which were incurable. So adopting him would be the worst decision ever.

But the family decided to try and they took him home and provided him with all the appropriate treatment and everything he needed. The dog was so excited to see that he was safe and protected and after staying under the strong care of his beloved humans, Apollo recovered quickly and became the happiest in the world.

Even when the family’s new baby was born, the dog became a caring guardian for him thinking that he was his own baby.

Now Apollo is the family’s favourite pet and gets much love and care from them.

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