This woman from Oregon rescues more than 200 horses

The most complete and satisfying thing this woman had ever done.

The day Claire Staples turned fifty, she made up her mind to do something big with her life. She had a tiny ranch located in California and made a decision to defend two or three ponies.

Nevertheless, the more she rescued, the more she understood that there were countless creatures who are in need of land and space to free themselves again.

After two or three years of salvation, she purchased a 9,000-acre plot of land in Oregon (Skydog Sanctuary). Not so long ago, she rescued an exceptionally thin as well as unfortunate pony named Dream.

Claire had to tell the pony that she was defended and that she was cool after all. The thin creature was an amazing foal and the thinnest one Claire had ever witnessed.

After all, she made up her mind to assist the unfortunate being, not thinking about what might occur then. The hero avoided probable risks by keeping the pony clever and really good.

The pony began to take a liking to Claire. Every day he got closer and closer. She made a board with her nursing dates.

Every day the hero took a walk to meet her. Shortly, the pony was pressed tightly against her wall. This was the major association that the hero had with for any pony at any given time.

It was almost like they went through it together. Claire was content with her salvation work. Ponies have always been her most memorable love.

Claire initially thought that maybe she could defend 50 ponies as well as a few ponies, nevertheless, the number of creatures carried on growing.

Thus, Skydog Sanctuary presently has more than 200 horses as well as continues to grow. Claire felt that this was the most complete and satisfying thing she had ever done.

The hero believed that ponies should be treated sincerely and truly. It gave her great enjoyment to discover that the ponies were coming back to life.

After six months, Dream looked almost alright. Claire acknowledged that the Dream was a miracle and she kept him as a treasured memory.

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