This smart dog worked hard and managed to collect as much wood as he needed. That’s amazing!

This work was really hard!

For many people and animals collecting is a lovely activity. We don’t know this concerns to our today’s hero or not, but his story is very interesting.

Meet Burka, a smart doggy, who enjoys his life with his loving owner. When their area was covered with much snow, the poor animal lost his favourite stick and searched for it everywhere, but useless.

After looking for his lovely stick for a long time, Burka came up with an idea to collect many other sticks and keep them in a safe place. He worked so hard and managed to collect 60 sticks in different shapes and sizes. Each stick has its own story and they describe the hard work that this amazing dog did.

He brought all the sticks to his owner and showed them proudly.

Later, the dog found his favorite stick under the snow, but if it gets lost again, he will never be sad, because he has 60 more sticks in a safe place.

His story was shared on social media and it attracted thousands of people. It collected about 150,000 views and a great number of likes.

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